We believe that your choice of clothing shows your personality, and that clothing develops its own personal identity that comes from within each of us. This is the foundational belief at FORS NOME.

Our design is charismatic
We want to challenge you with our designs and encourage you to try something new and bold, something with kinetic energy and spark and possibility.

We strive for this by presenting designs with humor, charisma, provocation, and sportiness, and by not committing ourselves to a specific style, expression, or use.

We let creativity take over.

Our highest goal and greatest wish is for you to feel a deep personal comfort, confidence, and satisfaction when wearing our clothing.

And above all, it must be priced within reach of those that wish to acquire our pieces.

Our products are integrated into the future
We are uncompromising. For us, that means ensuring the consistent delivery of thoughtful designs with acute attention to detail and high quality, small quantity production.

It also means keeping a sharp focus on the process. We are from Denmark and we develop all styles in Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen - before we make the actual production in Portugal. This means less transport, less storage, and less impact on our environment.

We are a family with great unity
Each and every part of Fors Nome is connected to the other; our greatest strength is our close sense of family and togetherness. Ours is a band of creative, energetic, and kind individuals – a collective of vastly different experiences, specialties, and passions – that combine to form the unique FORS NOME DNA.

For us, it’s important to work respectfully among the things we want the most. Anything less than our best is not good enough and we promise to continually live up to your expectations as well as our own – living with the things we love the most.